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People only want blood and guts:
something they can sink their teeth into
and come back with meat between their fangs

And would you please let them see
the scimitar of bleached skin?
The blade of dark pink flesh?
Give them any reminder of your autopsy

Feed their fetish for suffering
through your IV drip
and tell them all about the river you can feel
as it makes its way through your body.


no one wants the sour smell of bile
the chartreuse of stomach acid
to ruin their day in the operation theater

It’s all smiles until you tell someone
about the rusty pain of having a catheter inserted

sans anesthetic

like fucking a syringe

God forbid you actually feel
anything they put you through.

You can be their inspiration porn

that is

until your symptoms are called into question

See, heart palpitations are fine

not so much

See, sickness is only profitable
if you’re their brand of suffering



Nobody attached to your poor body.

Blood and Guts